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BB Cue is a servicemark of the Artsho Corp.

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I.   For 4 page tops
     on 55 web sites
     A. About
     B. Benefits
     C. Fixed ad
     D. Ad size
     E. Check
     F. Terms
     G. Order
        1. For a month
        2. By the day

II.  Display only
     on this site
     A. A banner ad
        1. Overview
        2. Order
        3. Check spots
           a. Upper
           b. Lower
        4. Change
     B. A text link ad
        1. Links
        2. Order
     C. Home page text link ad
        (Order from)
     D. Home page display of 
        Your own magazine ad

III. Home
     A. Order info
     B. Contact us
     C. Directions
     D. Logo & theme
     E. Privacy policy
     F. Fraud measures

IV.  Tech topics
     A. Links - 72 ppi
     B. Check a browser
     C. Check resolution

V.   Acknowledgements

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